Nursing Department of Central South University was founded in 1911 by America Yale China Association, formerly known as the Yale School Nurse, is one of the earliest open nursing education in Colleges and universities, is an important part of the "North South China have long enjoyed a good reputation, the union"; in 2000 by the degree committee of the State Council approved for nursing master's degree, in 2004 began relying on clinical medicine recruit community nursing doctoral students, 2 doctoral nursing degree in the first authorized one of the characteristics of Hunan province; nursing is professional, "1025" key discipline in 2011, becoming the first level discipline, our hospital is the first professional nursing China doctoral level subjects, 2012 was also the first China nursing post doctoral station. In the Ministry of education in 2012 the national third round of the evaluation of university disciplines, Central South University, the fourth national nursing professional ranking, discipline and personnel construction of the main indicators ranked first in the country three. China Alumni Association Network the latest compilation of the 2014 Chinese university discipline professional evaluation report shows that the nursing profession in our school is one of the five major star disciplines in China, into the domestic first-class professional level.
College of the existing full-time and part-time teachers 68, of which there are professors (including the chief nurse) 18 people, associate professors (including the deputy director of the nurse) more than 30 people, 2 foreign or overseas visiting professor 3 people, a postdoctoral associate tutor, tutor of doctoral students eight people, master tutor 35 people. Middle and young teachers in the post doctoral 2 people, 5 people in the post doctoral, full-time teachers have received a Ph.D. or doctoral degree in the proportion reached 90%, and 80% have more than six months to go abroad to study experience.
College consists of basic nursing, Humanities Department of nursing, clinical nursing department, Department of community nursing, midwifery and other five major department and a nursing experimental teaching center, and Central South University Health Care Research Center, research center for clinical psychological nursing and chronic disease research foundation and health laboratory management three research institutions.
In the development of the discipline, our hospital community nursing, AIDS prevention, clinical psychological nursing formed stable research direction, nearly 5 years in our hospital received a total of 168 scientific research projects, including international cooperation project 19, 6 items of National Natural Science Fund, National Social Science Fund Project 3, 2 Doctoral Fund of Ministry of education, natural science foundation of Hunan Province more than 10 items, province committee of science and technology, the Provincial Department of education, the provincial health department, Changsha Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Central South University project nearly 100, won the interpretive research funding of more than 23 million yuan. The first author of the paper published more than 1000 papers, which was SCI / SSCI / EI included 96, CSCD included more than 300 papers. Won the national utility model patent authorization number 50; editor in chief of the people's Medical Publishing House and higher education press "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "1025" planning materials 7 this and all kinds of professional, professional textbooks, monographs 50 Yuben, Cenbian national planning materials more than this.
Receive three national level excellent course; won the second prize of science and technology achievements of Hunan Province 1, won the provincial science and technology progress third prize 3 and provincial teaching achievement award of third class 3, Central South University Teaching Achievement Award 6, Central South University teacher 2.
In recent years, the school has selected the 36 young teachers to go abroad to study more than 6 months, eight doctoral nursing students to well-known foreign universities joint training, five master's students to foreign or overseas famous university, studying for a doctorate of nursing. College of Yale University, University of Calif San Francisco, University of Washington,, University of Toronto, Australia, Flinders University,, Kyushu University, Chiang Mai University, Chinese University Hong Kong,,,, and so on. Student training quality has been highly recognized by the employing units, the undergraduate, graduate employment rate of 100%.