Series of Lectures and the Third Academic Lecture of the “Micro Angel” Graduate Student Union
published:2020-06-29 16:58:41
author:Xiao Pan-pan

At 14 p.m. on June 28, the “Micro Angel” Nursing Graduate Students Union held its third academic lecture. The lecture was hosted by graduate student Zhang Liuxin of Nanjing Medical University, and invited experts were Associate professor Yang Rumei of Nanjing Medical University and associate researcher Zhang Wei of Shanghai Cancer Institute. More than 200 nursing graduates from 5 universities attended the lecture.

Associate Professor Yang Rumei taught the students the importance of academic integrity in scientific research under the theme of “Scientific integrity”. She first introduced the concepts related to scientific research integrity. Then she describes the common ethical issues in scientific research, including data authenticity, multiple submissions per paper, plagiarism, ethical approval, citation sources, author sequencing and signature. Secondly, Associate Professor Yang Rumei briefly described how to collect, manage and clean up the data during and after the experimental research based on her own scientific research experience.

Zhang Wei, associate researcher, taught the students the difference between RCT and real-world research and the key points of real-world research design. First, she introduced the important role of RCT in scientific research, and then, taking her own participation in real-world research as an example, she explained in detail the real-world data sources, the team building and process of management, and the elements of studying outcome indicators.

At the end of the lecture, the students actively asked questions and discussed with the teacher, and the teacher gave detailed answers to the questions. Finally, this lecture has come to a successful conclusion.