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Two New FAAN Members in Xiangya Nursing School
On August 6, the American Academy of Nursing officially released the list of academicians to be elected in 2020. Professor Li Xianhong, associate dean at Xiangya School of Nursing and Professor Li Yinglan, were both selected as Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) to recognize their outstanding contributions in nursing management, nursing education and nursing research. Up to now, ...
2020/08/09 17:09:00
Online Teaching of Xiangya Nursing “International Class” in the First Half of 2020 Has Been Successfully Completed
Affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the International Class for Master’s Degree Education in Nursing, jointly held by Central South University and the University of California, San Francisco, USA (hereinafter referred to as the “International Class”), conducted online teaching for one semester from March 8 to July 20.During the epidemic, college leadership has attached great importance to the...
2020/07/11 10:13:03
Series of Lectures and the Third Academic Lecture of the “Micro Angel” Graduate Student Union
At 14 p.m. on June 28, the “Micro Angel” Nursing Graduate Students Union held its third academic lecture. The lecture was hosted by graduate student Zhang Liuxin of Nanjing Medical University, and invited experts were Associate professor Yang Rumei of Nanjing Medical University and associate researcher Zhang Wei of Shanghai Cancer Institute. More than 200 nursing graduates from 5 universities...
2020/06/29 16:58:41
Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Xiangya Nursing School publishes the “College Student COVID-19 Protection Manual”
In 2020, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the key Laboratory of Nursing in Hunan Province has actively integrated the nursing resources of three hospitals affiliated to Xiangya Nursing School, so as to give full play to the social service function of the laboratory. Professor Chen Jia, director of the laboratory, and associate professor Huang Hui of the laboratory, as editor-in-chief, led the te...
2020/06/16 17:01:52
Successful Completion of “English Corner in the Sky”of the International Class
At 8 a.m. on March 21, 2020, the International Class for master’s degree students in Nursing, jointly held by Central South University and University of California, San Francisco (“International Class”), launched an online English corner course. Professor James Wiley from University of California, San Francisco gave us a wonderful online English exchange course through the Internet.Affected ...
2020/06/04 10:04:06
Establishment Ceremony and the First Academic Lecture of the “Micro Angel” Graduate Student Alliance
On May 15, 2020, the establishment ceremony and the first academic lecture of the “Micro Angel” Graduate Student Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) was held successfully, which was jointly initiated by Nursing Schools of five colleges and universities, namely Central South University, Nanjing Medical University, Guangxi Medical University, Xinjiang Medical University and Haina...
2020/05/25 17:22:48
Online Video Exchange Between Xiangya Nursing School, Central South University and School of Nursing, University of Turku, Finland
On the afternoon of May 22, Xiangya Nursing School of Central South University held an online video conference with the School of Nursing of Turku University to discuss exchange and cooperation issues. Mr. Li Tao, Party Secretary, delivered a speech on behalf of Xiangya Nursing School and extended his sincere greetings to all the teachers and students of the School of Nursing of Turku Universit...
2020/05/25 16:55:54
Successful Online Practice Teaching for Graduates of Xiangya Nursing School
In order to ensure that comprehensive nursing practice will not be postponed during the COVID-19 epidemic, Xiangya Nursing School, Central South University earnestly implements the “Notice of Central South University on Online Teaching of Medical Related Majors during the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Teaching Arrangement for 2020 Undergraduate Students”, and plans to deploy and inform ...
2020/04/09 10:04:37
Good News! The Electronic Version of COVID-19 Emergency Prevention and Control Guidance for Nursing Staff Written by Our Dean Professor Tang Siyuan was Officially Launched!
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has sent a number of medical teams to support Wuhan and Hubei. Medical workers from all over the country have been engaged in this white war. In order to further promote knowledge of prevention and control, to improve hospital nursing staff at various levels and ability to cope with the prevention and control of COVID-19, according to the spirit of the coun...
2020/03/26 13:22:59
Xiangya Nursing School Quickly Acts in Fighting Covid-19
Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Xiangya Nursing School has given full support to the party committee, gathered strength of all faculty and made full use of its professional advantages to fight the Covid-19, which fully demonstrates the responsibility of "Xiangya nurses”.Multi-angle and all-round mobilization and deploymentSince the outbreak, in  the spirit of President Xi, the school party commit...
2020/03/01 19:25:24
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